Run Paradise! The Phuket International Marathon, June 15th-17th 2007

The Phuket International Marathon 2007, the largest destination marathon in South East Asia, will take place on Sunday 17th June 2007.  Only in its sophomore year, the Phuket International Marathon 2007 looks set to build substantially upon the success of last year's inaugural event.  Organisers Go Adventure Asia are expecting a 100 percent increase in participants - including 1,500 international runners from 40 different countries - which will provide a global platform for the beautiful Thai region.

The date of the event was specifically chosen to maximise the benefits of the event for the island. Held during a traditional low season, the Phuket International Marathon 2007 will encourage the tourist industry to thrive throughout a typically quiet period. 

The focus of the event is not on breaking world records but in establishing a respected competition that exposes the true beauty of Phuket. Following the tsunami disaster in 2004, the organisers set out to create an event that celebrated how the people, businesses, and landscape of Thailand had recovered and were moving forward..

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What makes a race an adventure?
By Simon Thomas

To me one of the big aspects of any adventure race is really having no idea about what may be around the next corner, so a pre-race briefing is a chance to try and glean any information that may serve as a physiological crutch while on the course - knowing when the finish line might appear is a very important factor to getting to the end - as I have learned from previous experience in adventure races! However, I left this particular briefing none the wiser - apparently it was going to be hot and some parts of the course were hazardous so we should be careful...not exactly illuminating!

My team mate, Khun Chai, and I spent the evening sorting out a kit, convincing ourselves that it would all be OK, second guessing the course and hydrating like camels that have chanced upon an oasis. My own proprietary adventure racing tip, if you want to sleep, don't drink 2 litres of water before bed.

Race Day: As we walked to breakfast, the best news was the sun was nowhere to be seen, the longer it could stay behind the clouds the more chance of survival out on the course. The shared apprehension before any event like this always leads to easier conversation with strangers and over breakfast, racers old and new were looking forward to the day ahead and whatever challenges it would bring. As we gathered at the start line, it was revealed that we would start the race with a run! The flag dropped and we were off, distance, duration and activities unknown...

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Hashing in Pakistan: It's a Blast!!!
by Cuntsultant

Everyone claims to know Asia's best -kept travel secrets. The thing is, they're never very secret. Whatever anyone else says, I'm here to tell you that the real best-kept travel secret in this region is Pakistan. Fabulous place, and perennially tipped to become the next up-and-coming adventure travel destination, and then there's all this global politics nonsense and plane tickets get canceled. The hashes, however, go on. And for good reason, too: Pakistan is a blast, and I mean that entirely in the fun sense of the word.

Much of the reason for this is that Islamabad is home to the Margalla Hills Hash House Harriers (MH4), the oldest hash in South Asia. Karachi and Lahore also boast frothy runs although, alas, those lazy bums in Peshawar have let their lapse - but I did have a very good time with them 5 years ago. Slippery Sam has run them all since the very first MH4 back in 1978, and with two sons who have been hashing Islamabad since birth. While mourning endless "those were the days" of yonder good ole hashes of yore, surrounded by medals, cups, and other monuments to his impressive hashing achievement, Slippery Sam firmly ensures that tradition and honor of the hash go on.  And on it goes with special events like Ramadan Hash, where everyone wears a beard...

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From the Outside Looking In - California Hashing
by Yen "Showerhead" Quach

San Diego Get-a-Life Week - If you ever think you just cannot get enough of hashing and you just got to have more of it, then check out Get-a-Life Week, a continuous series of hashing for seven days straight. This concept began in 1995 and has been held biannually (odd years) in August since then. Every Hash in San Diego hosts, or co-hosts a run during the week - therefore, the scheduling in past years has been centered on where the full moon was in August.

The great thing about the GALW is that hashers get to run other hashes that they may not otherwise run. All participants who attend all seven hash runs (the requirement is to "show up and pay") receive a free GALW tee shirt. Usually about 40 make all seven. But all the runs generally get many more attendees than normal. The Monday kick-off run co-hosted by La Jolla and the Larrikins gets close to 150.

Contact Big Banana for more info on the next Get-a-Life week, scs@brinigco.com.

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The North Sumatra Triangle - A Paradise for Budget Tourists
by Juned "Rail Jerker" Choudhury

North Sumatera has been relatively overlooked as a South East Asian tourist destination but it has much to offer the more adventurous tourists. From world class surfing and white water rafting, through jungle trekking, to leisurely bird watching, you can do it all in North Sumatera. And of course North Sumatera has great hash country!

North Sumatera (formerly spelled as Sumatra) is one of the thirty-two Provinces of Indonesia, with Medan as its capital. The shortest international flight to Medan is from Penang in Malaysia and it takes about 40 minutes. There is a ferry service also, across the Strait of Melaka (formerly spelled as Malacca) which takes five hours. I would have taken the ferry, but as Malaysia does not allow Bangladeshis to enter the country by surface route (due to illegal immigrant phobia), and as I had to come back to Penang to catch my return flight to Bangkok and Dhaka, I had to go by air...Read more about Rail Jerker's journey in the latest edition of Asia-Pacific Harrier Magazine...

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"By the end of 1970 the number of established Hash Chapters, according to our Hash Heritage Foundation Genealogy Spreadsheet, totaled only 36. Approximately 53% of these were distributed within the limits of the Cradle of Hashdom, being defined as the coastal territories bordering the southern arc of the South China Sea (Malaysia, Singapore, and Brunei). The remainder were scattered, for the most part singly, in the other 12 hash-proud countries of the world at that time."  Tumblin Bill Panton, Hash Historian, tells you about the Hash Diaspora of the 1970s in this edition of Welcome to the Hash Heritage Foundation.

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Everything you always wanted to know about Hashing, but were afraid to ask. Fear not, dear Hasher, Paul 'Doctor Down-Down' Woodford has the answers. 

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On the Ice, our own version of the Darwin awards, celebrates humorous tales of misfortune worth telling over and over again. Ian 'Ajarn Keemau' Slater brings you the latest gossip. 

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In this issue of Believe It or Drink! Stu 'The Colonel' Lloyd shamelessly plagiarizes anecdotes from his own collector's item book, "Hare of the Dog/History, Humour and Hellraising from the Hash House Harriers".  

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