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Jim Edens - Asia-Pacific Harrier Magazine was founded by Jim "Bimbo" Edens in 2002 and has offices in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA. 

A former educator, Jim taught physical education, English and journalism in the public and private schools of Hawaii, California, and Thailand for over 20 years.  In his racing days as an elite athlete, Jim ran marathons from Honolulu to Boston and followed the international triathlon circuit, coached the women's running club Faerber's Flyers of Honolulu, and did a short stint as a race director in Tahiti. 

He is the author of The Complete Triathlete's Almanac and Training Log (San Diego, 1985) and previously published RacePlace Hawaii Sports Magazine with a Statewide distribution of 50,000 copies.   Much of his free time is now spent hashing in places like San Diego, Honolulu, and Bangkok.

Feature Writers

Ken Barrett - Ken Barrett's experience as a writer and editor has taken him to 50 countries. Originally from London, he has lived in Asia for the past two decades, including several years in Singapore and Hong Kong, and some 14 years in Thailand.

His international career began with award-winning work in the Middle East in the late 1970s. In the early 1980s he moved to Thailand for two years, where he was executive editor of a group of in-flight magazines. In the mid 1980s he was editorial director of a publishing company in Singapore, responsible for launching a number of industry newspapers.

Ken later moved to Hong Kong, where he became a freelance journalist and travel writer, well known for his work in the South China Morning Post and on TV and radio. He moved back to Thailand in 1994, where he has continued his career as a travel writer, editor and photographer. A noted bon vivant, he has a regular spot as a restaurant reviewer in the Bangkok Post.

Stu Lloyd - Stu "The Colonel" Lloyd was conceived in California, and born in Zimbabwe. Since then, no country has wanted to claim him as its own, so he's lived in six countries around the Asia-Pacific region and traveled to a further 38.

The Colonel is a full-time travel and lifestyle writer/author, now living in Sydney, Australia, and he does his hashing with the geriatric Sydney POSH Hash because it makes him look youthful and athletic in comparison. His current tome in progress is "GONE TROPPO - The Search for Paradise Across 5 Continents", a narrative travelogue through tropical countries. He hates his job!

Paul Woodford - Paul "Flying Booger" Woodford started hashing in  1988, in Tampa, Florida. He has hashed in the USA, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Mexico. Along the way he has mismanaged several hashes and founded a few of his own.

Flying Booger has been a member of the HHH publishing community since 1992, when he started the Whole Hash Catalog, a calendar of upcoming international hash events. He's been writing and publishing hashing articles - including the infamous Ask Dr. Down-Down advice column - ever since. He became one of the first Internet hash webmasters in 1995, when he founded the Half-Mind Catalog, the original international HHH information and resource site (www.half-mind.com). Flying Booger lives and hashes with his wife, Pick'n Flick, in Tucson, Arizona, USA.

Ian Slater - Ian Slater was educated at Francis Greenway School and the University of Sydney, where he took his degree in economics. After working for the electricity industry in Australia for five years he finally came to his senses and moved to Bangkok. He has taught in the English Department at Assumption University since 1996 and also works as a technical editor at Thammasat University.

When not grinding his teeth down reading the mangled English written by his students he runs with the Bangkok Monday Hash (of which he is a former Grand Master) and with other hashes when he gets the chance. Mountain biking, drinking, womanising, and attempting to finish his MA takes up most of his time. The rest of it he just wastes.

Bill Panton - Bill became attracted to hashing way back in the middle of the last century, when he first joined the Hash House Harriers in Kuala Lumpur. Later as a frequently traveling employee of the World Bank, he was able to participate as a pioneer in the great Hash Diaspora of the 1970s, when he was responsible for the birth of the Washington DC HHH and Bangkok HHH. He now spends his retirement years hashing regularly, three or four times a week in Malaysia, and usually circles the earth twice a year meeting fellow hashers and seeing how they do it in other lands.

It can now be revealed that Tumbling Bill was the mysterious Roving Hashman, then operating under deep cover, who contributed the usually complimentary, but sometimes acerbic, reports on hashing events around the world in the old Harrier International magazine published by the late Tim "Magic" Hughes in the eighties and nineties.

Since his retirement in 1992 Bill has become deeply involved in the Geneaology of Hashdom project and other activities of the Hash Heritage Foundation.

Juned Choudhury - Juned "Rail Jerker" Choudhury started hashing over twenty years ago in Chittagon, Bangladesh. He now runs with the two chapters in Dhaka. He travels and writes trash for the chapters he runs with. These are available at the Hash Heritage Foundation archives. Extracts have appeared in Stu "The Colonel" Lloyd's Hare of the Dog.

He regularly attends the annual Indian Nash Hash, traveling by train to the various cities, sometimes for over 40 hours. He was named Rail Jerker in the former French colony of Pondicherry. The Great Dravidian Rail Jerk was named after him; and he named the Trans-Siberian Rail Jerk. He was on the Committee of Interhash 2002 Goa.

Active in eco-tourism, he assisted the British nobleman and explorer Mark Shand in his journey down the river Brahmaputra from source to sea. The French decorated him with Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters for promoting the French language and mis-culture. He was Director of Shell Bangladesh, and worked in Brunei and Sarawak, trekking to longhouses with his newly-wed wife Nishat and his Dayak colleagues. The Mulu Post Ramble and Miri visit was homecoming for him.

Running/Racing/Hashing Calendar Editors

Kurt Bodmer - A native of Switzerland, Kurt hiked the Swiss Alps from the time he was able to walk. Eventually he took up running. Kurt took up hashing when he met Sharon Good Tail and now he rarely misses a hash trail. Some years back, Kurt came to California for one year...and, he is still there. Wonder why? He loves to run the trails, canyons, hills and beaches of sunny California.

A 30-year veteran in the wholesale tour business, Kurt now develops and operates tours to unique overseas running events like the Great Wall Marathon and Chiang Mai Interhash together with Kathy Loper (www.kathyloperevents.com).

Kurt is the Running and Racing Calendar Editor for Asia-Pacific Harrier Magazine-International Edition. You can email Kurt about your favorite international events at: RunRaceCal@asiapacificharrier.com.

Ed Howell - Hazukashii is no stranger to hashing in the Asia- Pacific region.  Since he began hashing in Okinawa, Japan in 1984, he has spent most of his hashing life living in Seoul, Korea; Tokyo, Japan; and Honolulu, Hawaii.  He has also traveled the region extensively from Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, China, and to many other countries in between.  He has run well over 1600 trails (and hared over 285) along with hitting many regional hash events. 

In 1998 he started a website of "WORLD HASH LINKS" for traveling hashers at http://gotothehash.net and spent 5 years on the editorial staff of the Half-Mind Catalog.  He was a disorganizer for Interhash 2002 in Goa and hared the "Ball Buster" trail.  He also was disorganizer of the first two South Korea Nash Hashes in 1998 and 99, and Chairman of the All Japan Nash Hash in 2004 held at the base of Mount Fuji.

Asia-Pacific Harrier Magazine, a quarterly publication for Hash House Harriers, adventure travelers and endurance sport enthusiasts, is committed to bringing to our readers the most current Hash House Harriers event information from across Asia and the Pacific region. 





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